Think brand value doesn’t exist? Visit Valentino Rossi Town.

I’m just back from a week’s break in Italy where I spent three days in a sea of yellow.  If you’ve ever thought that brand value doesn’t exist, I’d suggest you visit Misano for the MotoGP.

Even the most loyal Valentino Rossi fan would have to admit that on current form, he wasn’t likely to win the race.  But the brand value race?  No one else is even on the grid.

Brand value is built from consistency, and Valentino Rossi’s brand joins the dots through the whole experience.  This acts like a multiplier on brand value.

For us it started at the Heathrow boarding gate, four days beforehand.  We were surrounded by fans wearing VR46 merchandise.  People either wore a British Airways uniform, or a Valentino Rossi one.  In Misano itself, dinner in every restaurant was like being in a Lego movie where everyone had been sprayed yellow. There was no need to worry about finding our way to the out of town track either – you literally follow a yellow-kit-road of fans weaving through rural fields.  And if you buy a ValeYellow46 cap when you arrive?  A sticker on the inside tells you how to get your picture on his social media page and be part of his community there and then.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you mapped out all the touch points people have with your brand (including those you’re not present for)?  Do they all do you justice?  Do they even connect?  In many businesses without a clear value proposition, individual teams interpret the brand differently or miss the opportunity to connect what they do with another touch point.

When it came to race day we were actually sitting in the Suzuki stand (not the factory Valentino Rossi races for). And still, we were surrounded by a sea of yellow, not turquoise.

It wasn’t Valentino Rossi’s race this weekend.  But it was his town.  And one brand won.