Give Your Brand a clear voice

Strong brands have a clear purpose. To define your brand strategy, you need to focus in on what you’re good at and why you’re different. The best way to communicate this is with a clear, focused value proposition – that’s orchestrated across your business.   

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When you need to reposition, consolidate or refresh your brand – perhaps to meet market changes or fight off a new challenger – it can be hard for you and your team to invest the time and focus on brand strategy without diverting resource from critical projects linked to this year’s targets.

As a former Marketing Director in commercial businesses, I have faced this challenge myself. I now run a London brand consultancy, working with marketing directors or business owners just like you – directly or in partnership with their creative or PR agencies – to help them focus their brand strategy and its position in the market.

Focus Your Proposition

I’m here to do the leg-work that saves you valuable time and resource, and also gives you an unbiased, external perspective on your brand strategy. I will work with you to build a well-researched, focused value proposition that gives your brand a clear, differentiated position in the market.

I don’t just deliver a ‘brand strategy’, I also provide tools and insight to help you and your teams roll it out consistently to your employees.


An outside-in view to make sure your new brand position is based on what clients really need.


A value proposition and brand story that links everything you do to one clear message.


Briefs, copy and presentations for you, your team or agencies so you can roll out more quickly.